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In Romania, we look at the sky

Someone once said that if you want to learn something about the soul of a nation, you should look at its sky. Because it tells a story of simpliness, of black and white, of good and bad, a story of the people that it surrounds and protect.

Look at this sky. A burst of light and hope on this earth, a pattern of our existence and a sum of our greatest expectations.  Be our guests to look, just look at the sky captured by Bogdan in his recent work.



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Sometimes, it turns out to be quite hard, rough, tough. Paying attention to everything that surrounds you, keeping your eyes wide open when strolling in Cismigiu, Tineretului or Herastrau. Because there is the stillness of the noise and the dazzling silence. The memory and the now. All the people that catch their breaths in the parc and all that muvement. It’s an amalgam, a place of contrast.

Welcome to Bucharest’s parcs 🙂


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Back in business

We’ve been gone for a while and we apologise. But we are back now and have something differrent for you and for everyone out there who thinks bad thoughts about Romania:)

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Go on and answer

We have a pool on the right side of the page. Please vote:)

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Village in the City

Here are some pictures that T.o took at the Village museum in Bucharest. Beautiful as always:)

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DSC00928_copy DSC00852+copy
DSC00133t copy DSC00038t_copy
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When you come to think of it…

When you think of it, everything has a story. And everything has a beginning. There may be castles and kings, there may be diamonds..there may be battle between the bad and good.  Romania has a different kingdom. There are the simple things that really matter, the origin of all there is; there is a lot of colour in the sky and there are beautiful places. And there is light, the light of the beginning.

The interesting thing though is that, in Romania, there is no end. Because when you think of it, even with your eyes shut, you can see the things that for the first time have dazzeled you, that turned your world upsite down.

This is what we love.

Bogdan Panait photos in Rarau Mountain, at countryside and in Simeria. Enjoy!




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Peles castle

A fresh perspective of an old castle. Still beautiful



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Something to get you through today:) Thanks, T.o. 🙂


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go searching!

The search feature is now enabled…it’s on the right side of the page you can’t miss it…but now you can search as your heart desires through al the pictures and categories of the blog

so i say…happy search:)

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T.o. caught the look

Our dear friend T.o. caught on camera the authentic look of the Romanian peasant. Just watch and be touched!



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