Posted by: olaruandreea | July 15, 2010

To you, our honoured guest

Every post on our blog, since it’s been created,  was accompanied by our  wish to revive in each one of you the memories of the sights you visited once, twice or a thousand times; of places that took  our  breath away for a few seconds with the simple action of keeping our eyes wide open. At the same time, we wanted to show you how much there is to be seen, here, in our place. And this is an invitation to beautiful. So join us, send us pictures, share with us. Be  part of our project, consider yourself our honoured guest.

Today is special because we thought of making a little review of other on-line campaigns that have made an oath to show the beautiful. The beautiful of travelling in Romania, the burst of emotions that a particular place can emerge on your retina. So each day we will present you a different campaign, a different approach, but the same goal: to make you see that we really are a good bunch of people that see in Romania the beauty, the perfection, the land. Our land.

Romania is beautiful” was launched today by Razvan Pascu. A natural born traveller, Razvan starts his campaign with a unique  location: the muddy, alive volcanoes in Berca. So, be our guest to follow this campaign that promises to be grand 🙂

See you tomorrow !


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