Posted by: olaruandreea | April 9, 2009

Black black sea

It’s said that a sea has no limits but its own shores and that, in its essence, it’s wide and still on the surface but restless in its deepness. The Black Sea captures the treasures of a  seaside reign, where the soft breeze tousles your hair, where the sand gets in your shoes and where the seashells keep inside of them the harmony of waves.  Here, at the Black Sea, you can spend your summer holidays and you can celebrate, on every 1 st of May, the arrival of summer.  Here are pictures shot by Dorin .







  1. And it’s not only the mastercraft of Dorin. Indeed, the seashore is sooo beautiful.
    Can’t wait for your pictures for this summer =)

    i ❤ romania 🙂

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