Posted by: ro360 | April 2, 2009


We don’t see it. You don’t see it. Nowadays nobody seems to see it. See what? The soul. The heart. The beauty. The joy. The happiness. Of what? Of Romania, of course. It is its blog and it is its heart and soul, its beauty and joy that we want you all to see. Let’s take a moment and just look around. Take a deep breath and have a 360 degrees look. And while you look try to ignore all the things that other people want you to see, all the things that press talks so much about, all the things that Romania is blamed and hated for. Just look at all the beautiful, fascinating things around you. Try to discover what really lies in the places that surround you, that you see every day but gracefully ignore. Let’s all do that for a moment every day. Remember all the happy moments, beautiful places, amazing people and incredible experiences that Romania has to offer us. And let us share all these thoughts with other friends that hope a better, brighter future for Romania. We will surely do that and hope that all of you will join us along the way, the 360 degrees view way.


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